A fan posted a photo they took with me at Anime Matsuri burlesque show. I am so sorry world. #terriblemakeup #tinabelcher

Supergirl Kai for #SDCC. Stayed up til 3am. So sleepy. Almost done!

Mega #cosplaybutts collage. See you at #SDCC!

90% of what I do. #cosplaybutts

My #SDCC cosplay lineup! Irma from Queens Blade on thursday, Psylocke on friday, Supergirl Kai on Saturday, and Tina Belcher anytime because its so comfy. If you see me, please give me a photo of your #cosplaybutts to add to my Erotic Friend Fiction book <3 

I’ll be selling prints at Booth 5348!
5-7pm on thursday
5-7pm on friday
4-7pm on Saturday
2-5pm on sunday

#cosplaybutts @dangrrrdoll @hazelhoneysuckle @bbheartburlyq @heytigerbay @nastycanastanyc #rawrburlesque

Rei ayanami swimsuit. Photographer @annagram22

Shampoo really love Ranma.
Photographer @annagram22

My go-to pose. Magnum. #cosplay

That will show you, iPhone!

Corset lacing train! @aggressivecomix @unseelieallure @truecorset #startrek

It was so much fun yesterday shooting a @truecorset photoshoot. @rongejon @aggressivecomix @unseelieallure #startrek

Photoshoot today was awesome!!!! @truecorset @aggressivecomix @rongejon